Texas Hold’em Poker is probably the most popular and best-known form of poker today and is played at all casinos and poker sites as well. There are not many variations when it comes to the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker from that of any poker game but here are the key points you need to know about Texas Hold’em Poker:

  1. The first phase of the game begins with the dealer passing 2 cards to each player known as the hole cards. These cards are for the players only which cannot be shown to any other player except the player to whom it is dealt.
  2. The dealer deals 5 cards called the community cards in the middle of the table in different bets which are then used by the players to make the best possible set of cards to win.
  3. The dealer then deals the third community card to form a ‘flop’ which is the second phase and then there is the betting round.
  4. Similar to the previous round, another betting round is carried after the dealer deals the fourth community card called the ‘turn’.
  5. In the fourth phase of the game, the dealer deals a fifth community card, called the ‘river’, and then there is a final betting round.
  6. The fourth phase is followed by a showdown and each player reveals their card and the best possible hand are used for each player and then only the winner is determined.

Easy. Right? Now learn it by doing it. Just visit www.thrillpoker.com where you can play Texas Hold’em Poker online and reach your way up from low betting tables to high betting games. For a much more detailed explanation about Texas Hold’em rules go to https://www.thrillpoker.com/how-to-play-texas-holdem-poker/ where you can learn the basics rules.

Online poker playing is gaining its reputation due to various advantages that it provides to its users. Just a simple single sign up and you’re good to go. Earning some good cash while in the comfort of your home is what intrigues every poker player the most. For the beginners, it is the best possible way to practice their bluffs and hands by playing on lower tables till they become confident enough to play on higher tables. Also, when it comes to bluffing, not everyone can have a poker face which is the most important attribute required in a player for making a bet or move. Playing poker online eliminates this hassle as you don’t need a poker face to bluff behind a computer.

These days, with so many sites, providing so many offers, every minute and hour you have the opportunity to earn big cash through various tournaments and also through betting on multiple tables at a time.

www.thrillpoker.com is one of the best poker sites available today. High-quality user interface and software powered by Cubeia gives you the best of poker playing experience you can get. For all the new players looking for a poker site to brush up their skills, thrill poker is the way to go. For a good start, use code “thrill100” and get INR 100 and multiply that amount by playing on thrill poker.

Start your poker journey now with thrill poker!


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