Poker players are increasing day by day and this is the reason why it has become the online platform as well.  Poker games are very easy to play all a person needs to be aware of is about the rules to play this game. Once after learning the basics of Poker it becomes easy for a person to know the rules as well. So, if you are also planning to play poker then read along to know more about this.


Apart from poker rules what beats what, there are also some poker terms and conditions which you have to follow:

The cards of poker: It is basically played with a single deck of the cards and it is necessary to ensure that the cards are free from any kinds of folds or marks.  A card with marks is considered as useless while playing poker. At the time of dealing with cards, a separate dealer or an individual player will always be delivered in a clockwise motion.

Poker hands: The cards which a person holds are generally known as Poker hands. The main aim of this game is to ensure that your hand can easily go around the table. This basically can be achieved determining the hierarchy of the hand. As per the poker rules, the hand which will be ranked high will win the pot at last.

Dead cards: This generally doesn’t happen but there are instances when a player will take some action by which his cards will become dead in their essence, it basically means that they will be out of your hands. By paying proper concentration you can easily ensure that nothing like this happens.

Showdown: It is basically the final end of the game and in such a case players have to show their hands. In the Poker rules if you have a winning hand then you need to show the face of your cards up and along with this you are also not permitted to lie about a card or to make any another player fold.

By following the simple 5 card stud poker rules, a person can easily enjoy the game of poker. Hope these Poker tips will prove helpful to you.


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